The Winners List

Our winners are notified and confirmed via email. Below is a list of our most recent winners. Confirmed winners are added chronologically after the drawing has closed. Don’t see your name on the list? Keep entering daily!

Ended: March 5, 2014
Win a Michael Jackson Prize Pack!
Congratulations to:
  • Paul W from NJ
  • Stephen S from NY
  • Gary V from IL
  • lori w from MI
  • Nancy T from MA
  • Melissa F from FL
  • Jack S from AZ
  • Linda G from MO
  • Cathy w from PA
  • Matina R from MD
  • Kelly K from CA
  • LYNNANN S from CA
  • Julie D from DE
Ended: March 4, 2014
Win "Best Man Down" on DVD!
Congratulations to:
  • DORA C from IL
  • Sharon K from MN
  • Sharon M from TX
  • Belinda S from OH
  • Chrissy T from GA
Ended: March 4, 2014
Win "Riddick", plus an HDTV & Blu-ray Player!
Congratulations to:
  • Lou S from AZ
Ended: March 3, 2014
Win an iDeaPLAY Tablet!
Congratulations to:
  • Tammy S from VA
  • Steve G from MI
  • YVONNE K from WI
  • Shawn H from MO
  • Billy C from MS
  • Rosemary R from NV
  • Marion W from NC
  • Kelly J from NC
  • Jeffrey B from HI
  • Lynda M from AL
Ended: March 3, 2014
Win a Macy's Gift Card & a Year of ZHENA's Tea!
Congratulations to:
  • Debbie G from IL
Ended: March 3, 2014
Win "Instructions Not Included" on DVD!
Congratulations to:
  • Linda R from WV
  • Heather R from FL
  • Laura L from PA
  • Estella K from OR
  • nancy w from NY
Ended: March 3, 2014
Win LAshX Mink Lashes & Lash Grower!
Congratulations to:
  • Christine H from AZ
  • Corteya S from GA
  • linda w from OH
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