The Winners List

Our winners are notified and confirmed via email. Below is a list of our most recent winners. Confirmed winners are added chronologically after the drawing has closed. Don’t see your name on the list? Keep entering daily!

Ended: January 5, 2014
Win a Duncan Hines Baking Set!
Congratulations to:
  • Dawn P from NJ
Ended: January 4, 2014
Win Rhythm Superfoods Chips!
Congratulations to:
  • George T from IL
  • Shirley H from AZ
  • Marian E from TX
  • Jessica C from ME
  • Karen H from CO
  • Christi O from FL
  • Kathy E from CA
  • Kevin K from NM
  • Crystal M from TX
  • oliver b from MI
Ended: January 3, 2014
Win PJ's Organics Frozen Burritos!
Congratulations to:
  • Christine V from NY
  • Gail L from MI
  • Tina B from LA
  • Frankie P from UT
  • Dave K from OH
  • Jody S from WA
  • Cecilia H from TX
  • Barbara D from MN
  • Maria C from CA
  • Nathan S from CA
Ended: January 1, 2014
Win a Sweet Heart Rose Girl's Dress Set!
Congratulations to:
  • Janyce T from NH
  • Kristi B from CA
  • debra s from CA
Ended: December 30, 2013
Win a Glade Holiday Gift Basket!
Congratulations to:
  • Norma D from VA
  • Reginald E from HI
  • James C from TX
  • Cody D from OR
  • Philip M from IL
Ended: December 30, 2013
Win a CIGIREX Starter Kits Pack!
Congratulations to:
  • jeff b from WI
Ended: December 29, 2013
Win $600 in Groceries from Challenge Butter!
Congratulations to:
  • Jeffrey C from ME
  • Maria S from WI
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